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Uploading files to a Simple Hosting instance using SFTP

Once you have declared a website address on your Simple Hosting instance, you can upload content to your site by following the steps below.

Login details for connecting to your instance

Simple Hosting only supports the SFTP protocol, which is newer and more secure than FTP. When configuring your client, note that SFTP uses port 22 instead of port 21 like FTP.

To connect to your Simple Hosting instance, you will need the following:

This information can also be found by placing your mouse cursor over the “Login” link on your Simple Hosting instance management screen:

Mouseover the Login link to find your Login details

SSH key authentication

This only concerns SFTP and Git access. SSH key authentication is not available for SSH console access

You can record a public SSH key to your instance. You will find how to add it manually on this page: Add a public SSH key to your instance

Connecting to your instance using an SFTP client

Tutorials for individual clients:

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