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Notification customization for resellers

Following changes to ICANN's rules, registrars are now required to send a number of messages directly to the contact email addresses of your customers.

The following form allows you to see the default content and customize it, as well as the sender's name.

Once you are logged into your reseller account, click on “Messages” in the navigation menu on top of the page, and then on “Notification customization”:

1. Chose the email that you want to customize:

There are currently four emails that you can customize:

Important: Following the change in rules at ICANN, registrars must now send emails directly to the email address of your customers' handles.

2. Use the form on the page to make the customizations:

Once selected, the corresponding mail template will appear, with fields that you can modify:

Warning: before entering your custom subdomain (for example: in this field, it must resolve, because we test it before we allow the modification to be saved. You must therefore first add it to your domain's zonefile before entering it into this form.

For example, the following would be needed in the zone file for (see how, if you use Gandi's DNS) in order to have the validation link start with and not (replace “validate” below with whatever name you want to use for the subdomain):

validate 10800 IN CNAME

Once done, be sure to test the email to see if it appears like you would like. To do this, click on “Send me an example email” on the bottom of the page.

When done, click “Submit” to conclude the personalization of your notifications.


Below are some of the more frequently asked questions concerning the personalization of your ICANN reachability email, and their answers.

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