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Standard settings for your e-mail client with a Gandi Mail account

Grouped here is some information about the various “standard” settings recommended to set up your e-mail clients, regardless of the client or the operating system you use.

This will enable you to use your own choice of software to send and receive email from your domain's Gandi Mail addresses.

The instructions below apply to mailboxes only, not forwarding addresses.

Client-specific instructions

These instructions may be based on out-dated versions of the third party software. Please see with the documentation of your email client (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) if you have difficulties in configuring it, as Gandi does not provide customer support for the use of these programs.

General configuration & settings


POP/IMAP Account

SMTP Account

If you encounter an error, don't forget that you are absolutely entitled to using your Internet Service Provider's SMTP. In that case, remember to disable SMTP authentication, as your Internet service provider can identify you through your connection's IP address automatically.


:!: Having trouble getting your email to sync across devices? See Using GandiMail from several locations simultaneously with IMAP

Other problems, or you can't get it working and need help? You can contact support. See Troubleshooting Gandi Mail

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