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Consolidating your handles

So you have 14 different handles and it is driving you insane? You just want to manage your domains under a single handle?

Before you begin, however, you need to choose the handle that you want to be your “definitive” handle. Be sure that it contains your full contact information and that it is correct and up-to-date, to avoid problems in the future.

Consolidating your handles only involves two operations, and for security and legal reasons we cannot consolidate your handles for you; these are:

  1. Changing the owner (click here to see how to do this)
  2. Changing the contacts (click here to see how to do this)

The ownership change will be free if Gandi created the handle following an incoming transfer on our former transfer system and if the extension allows it, or if we created it when we went from V1 to V2 of our website. It is also free if you are have B rates or higher in other cases. If any of these apply, please contact our support who will give you a promo code for the domain's owner change so it is free).

All that you need to do is to change the owner to be the “definitive” handle, and change the contacts to be the “definitive” handle. Once this has been done, you will see that you only have to worry about one handle!

Deleting unused handles

Once you have successfully changed the owner and contacts of your domains to be a single handle, you will be left with a bunch that no longer do anything. See Deleting unused handles.

Why do I have so many handles?

It is common to have more than one handle at Gandi. This is because:

It is important to understand that a handle has legal rights on a domain. Even though it may be your name on a handle, until you have gained access to that handle, you cannot use it for manipulating your domain.

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