Payment Problems

In some instances you will not be able to pay for your order right away, even if your card is totally valid and if you have used it with Gandi before in the past. There have been many additional security measures added to international online purchases over the year by our banking partners and credit institutions (Visa, Mastercard), which you might not have experienced yet.

Some possible causes for your card not being accepted are:

Sometimes, customers are unaware that their credit card has been enrolled in one of the many security programs put in place since last year by US banks or credit institutions. Even if you do not think your card has a security feature of any sort, this does not mean that one is not in place.


There is nothing that Gandi can do to force our bank to accept payment from your credit card. If you have been unable to pay for your transaction, please do the following:

After you have cleared your credit card with your bank or with Visa, it will then be necessary to go through the registration process a second time (or third time…). We recognize that this is an inconvenience for many of you and we will soon be increasing our payment options so as to add additional payment means.

If, after trying all the above, you can still not make your payment, please contact Gandi's Customer Care Service. You will be asked whether or not you have exhausted all the above solutions, so to save your time, please contact Gandi *only* after having contacted your bank and Visa to ask about unblocking your card.