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What about VAT (Value Added Tax)?

Only Gandi handles with an address in the European Union and Taiwan are charged the VAT. USA and the rest of the World are not charged the VAT.

VAT (20%) will only be charged if you are:

VAT (5%) will only be charged if you are:

Your country's VAT rate will be charged if you are:

VAT is not charged if you are:

If your handle is an “individual” type handle, and if you reside in the European Union, you will be charged VAT even if you attributed a VAT number to your handle.

If you have a VAT number, you need to use a company-type handle with that VAT number in order to not pay VAT.

How can I indicate my intra-community VAT number?

If your company or organisation is located in the European Union but not in France or Luxembourg and you do not want to be charged the VAT, indicate your intra-community VAT number in your account details.

To be taken into account, the VAT number must include the country code (BE, GB, etc.) and a series of numbers without any separators. Failing to respect this format, your country's VAT rate will be used for your orders. You can check if your VAT number is valid on the following page:

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